It was recently revealed to Entertainment Weekly that Katz-Smith Productions, who have just signed a lucrative deal with Warner Bros., are in the very early stages of a sequel to the 1988 enduring  hit, Beetlejuice.

Katz-Smith consists of David Katzenberg (son of Jeffrey) and Seth Grahame-Smith (author of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies), who are both adamant that this is not to be a remake, but a full-fledged continuation of the Tim Burton helmed original.

According to EW, the duo were approached by Warner Bros. about the project, and agreed on the condition that they have both Burton’s “blessing and involvement” and Michael Keaton on board to revive “the ghost with the most”.  Burton has done his part (the fact that he is producing the big screen version of Grahame-Smith’s Abraham Lincoln:  Vampire Hunter, and that Grahame-Smith co-wrote the screenplay for Burton’s upcoming feature, Dark Shadows, probably didn’t hurt).  Keaton’s involvement hinges on a script, which has yet to form.