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SHM Note:  There are many publicists who offer services for Sundance and other film festivals, and choosing one is up to you — we are also committed to noting that the official “list” for events is something that most professional publicists have access to, and not exclusive to any one service or PR person.

SHM Press Release:  Wickid Pissa Publicity Hits Sundance

As hordes of Hollywood heavyweights and film enthusiasts around the world descend on the quaint ski town of Park City, Utah for the Sundance Film Festival, one publicist has broken out from the masses as the go-to-guy for festivalgoers to maximize their networking.

Josh Mitchell, owner of Wickid Pissa Publicity, creates an essential point of access to the indulgent gifting suites, filmmaker mixers, cocktail parties, and free swag that have become a major staple of the Sundance Film Festival experience.

“My unique list contains a detailed day-by-day breakdown of the best film screenings, premiere parties, luxury lounges, press opportunities, and after-hours events taking place during the festival, as well as the RSVP and contact information to get on the guestlist,” said Mitchell.

But Wickid Pissa Publicity’s services extend far beyond just parties and events. Mitchell has developed a robust distribution list that consists of the best and brightest in the entertainment world. His real allure is in his contacts and in his ability to take your project from obscurity to centerstage on the radar screen of the top decisionmakers in the business.

What is the first step he takes when he signs a new client? “My first move is to construct an insightful and compelling one-sheeter that showcases the key highlights. It varies depending on the talent but for my actor clients I make sure I include their best headshots, links to their IMDB, a bio, and, of course, videos of their most riveting work.”

Why should people hire Mitchell as their publicist for Sundance? “I’m essentially a digital concierge. The sky is the limit when you work with me and I’m the best indie film publicist in terms of bang for your buck. I can get your DVD screener watched. I can arrange meetings with producers. I can secure radio interviews and online coverage. I can ensure you maximize your festival excursion and connect with the right people.”

Kellie Koppel, writer-director of the new webseries “It’s So LA”, hired Wickid Pissa Publicity last year for Sundance and she was amazed at the opportunities and connections Mitchell generated for her. “Josh had me confirmed at a surplus of high-profile parties and he worked with me closely during the festival to make sure I was meeting with an assortment of producers and investors. I was so impressed with his results I hired him for the Cannes Film Festival too.”

So what does Mitchell charge for his exclusive services at Sundance? “It’s $500 per client for an aggressive festival branding campaign. It’s take a lot of legwork and, believe me, that is peanuts for what I bring to the table in terms of access, meetings, and free stuff.”

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